Winter Is Upon Us!

Days are getting longer and nights are getting colder… Before you get ready to sit down by the fire and enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate, make sure the following are in order!

Here a few Safety and Winter Maintenance Tips

Heating System

As winter progresses make sure you check your heating system to prevent any unwanted outcomes from occurring

  • Check your furnace or boiler and serviced by a licensed contractor at least once a year

  • Clean or replace the furnace filter on forced hot air systems

  • Have your chimney checked and serviced by a licensed contractor

  • Fill your fuel tanks and keep an eye on them throughout the winter

  • Set your heat no lower than 55 degrees to prevent the water in your pipes from freezing

  • Maintain your wood burning or pellet stoves according to the manufacturer’s instructions


  • Remove screens from windows and install storm windows – if necessary

  • Add extra insulation in the attic to help guard against ice dams -  if too much heat escapes into the attic it can cause the snow to freeze and cause an ice dam which can lead to water damage inside your home or possibly even your roof to collapse

  • Weather stripping around your doors and caulk any windows to protect against draft and heat loss


This time of year can be the most damaging time. Freezing temperatures can be very problematic especially to your home’s water piping. Make sure your pipes are adequately prepared to withstand what this winter will bring.

  • Check for water leaks – if so have them fixed immediately – wrap water piping in UL –Listed heat tape and insulate if it is exposed in unheated areas, for example, garages, crawl spaces or attics. If water piping is plastic use thermostatically controlled heat tape and following the manufacturer’s instructions

  • Learn how to shut off your water – know where your pipes are located in case of an emergency – you may be able to prevent damage

Exterior Safety Measures

  • Any over handing trees or trees near your house – make sure any dead branches are removed so they don’t cause any damage to your house or car

  • Keep gutters clear of leaves or other debris that could freeze – to help ensure melting snow has the proper drainage

Interior Safety Measures

  • Check your smoke detectors, fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, and replace batteries to ensure they are operating correctly


  1. Make sure you have snow shovels and ice melting compounds on hand

  2. Keep all walkways and driveways are clear and properly taken care of

  3. Keep fuel for snow blowers and generators in approved safety containers and away from heat or flame producing devices. DO NOT STORE FUEL IN YOUR BASEMENT


Stay warm!!