Free Coffee, Tickets and Gas Points Oh My!

Yes you read right! How safe driving can help save you money.

Plymouth Rock Assurance, one of our agency’s leading carries, is turning safe driving into real, everyday rewards with the simple click of a button. Just download the Road Rewards App and start driving. It’s as easy as that!

To our customers with Plymouth Rock auto insurance, here are a few ways to earn and enjoy your rewards. After every drive, Road Rewards evaluates your driving performance and provides a trip score with these five key measurements:


-          Distracted driving

-          Speeding

-          Harsh acceleration

-          Hard braking

-          Hard cornering

The smoother and safer you drive, you will have no problem racking up points! YOU are in control! Help keep our roads safe by decreasing distracted driving and reducing aggressive driving habits.

Rewards include:

-          Shell gas station – discounted fuel


-          Free movie tickets from Showcase Cinemas

-          Starbucks gift cards

-          Amazon gift cards

-          Spotify gift cards

-          Spa & Wellness Week gift cards

It can’t get any better than this!

If you are a Plymouth Rock customer and don’t have the app downloaded, you are missing out! It just takes a few seconds to download!


Road Rewards is available for Apple phone users by visiting the App Store and for Android phone users by visiting Google Play.

The Road Rewards app is available for use by the general public, but to earn rewards you must be listed as an insured operator on a Connecticut or Massachusetts personal auto insurance policy issued by Plymouth Rock Assurance Corporation or a New Hampshire personal auto insurance policy issued by Mt. Washington Assurance Corporation. In Massachusetts eligibility is limited to policies having effective dates on or after February 1, 2018. Other terms and conditions apply. Should you have any questions, visit our Road Rewards FAQ page or call our Customer Solutions team at 855-993-4470.

For restrictions applicable to Amazon gift cards, see ( Plymouth Rock )