Halloween Safety Tips


Trick-or-Treat! The famous Halloween saying and American practice since the early 1900s. All the ghouls, ghosts and goblins will be roaming tonight.

Neighborhoods and streets will be filled with children in costumes ringing doorbells asking to have their bags filled with candy. Families have decorated their homes, yards, and basements for haunted houses waiting for trick-or-treaters to come by. The spirit of Halloween has spread!

With that being said, it can be a very scary night for some. In order for the night to not get scarier than it already is, please keep the following tips in mind from us and our friends from Travelers.

Dangers At Your Home

·         Walkways are clear of any obstacles that may be hazardous

·         Walkways are well lit

·         Any decorations that involve extension cords are tucked away

·         Use battery operated candles with no open flame

Dangers on The Road

·         Drive with caution

·         Check your surrounding areas before pulling out of your driveway or turning a corner

·         Put electronic devices away


·         Look both ways before crossing the street

·         Use a sidewalk or crosswalk (if there is none, walk facing traffic)

·         Wear light colors; wear reflective tape; carry a flashlight

Don’t be too frightened by the risks of Halloween but it is important to keep these safety tips in mind while also having fun!