Welcome to My Blog - First and Last Propaganda Piece

Thanks for stopping by my blog. My name is Colby Barrows, I work for Barrows Insurance Agency in Mansfield MA. The business was started by my Grandmother Janice Barrows over 30 years ago. She started the business out of her home with the simple concept of – Providing customers the insurance coverage they needed while giving them the service they wanted.   We provide insurance coverage for anything from daily commuter cars to exotic collectables, starter homes to mansions, lemonade stands to corporations. We have a rate for anything you wish to insure, well almost anything. With that being said, I need to say, I didn’t create this blog to sell you anything. I created this blog to teach you about the insurance industry from the perspective of an agent. I have been an agent for over 10 years, I try to learn something new everyday with the goal of providing my clients with the best advice I can give them.  My hope is to educate the public about the in’s and outs of insurance and how it impacts your daily life. In my 10 years I have probably heard most questions twice but insurance is all encompassing so I know with out a doubt I haven’t heard it all, I doubt anyone has. So ends my propaganda piece…

Someone once said a story without conflict is just propaganda. So every commercial you see on TV hear on the Radio or read on the Internet is just propaganda. Of course it is, why would anyone advertise their product that way? Marketers want to  portray their product as being the end all be all greatest out there, that’s marketing 101, first day stuff…So I ask where does that leave you?

I’ll tell you where, right where you are. Sitting in your underwear scouring the internet reading reviews to make sure the BS they are pedaling is the actual truth; will that Rogaine really grow your hair back to the way it was at junior prom? probably not, but why not check out what people who have used it are saying? The internet is full of crash test dummies that buy everything huge companies are feeding them. We the public then get to go online and read what these people have to say. Its like going to the zoo and watching the zoo keeper feed the monkeys.  If companies told you the good and bad about their product you wouldn’t have to research it. That’s what I am here to do, tell you about the good and bad. I deal with insurance everyday and unless you sell it too then I think it is safe to say I hate it more than you do. Lets face it, insurance sucks no one likes it. Flo is lying to you when she says she loves it. She just loves that you need it and they have (Progressive) a large enough marketing budget to cram it down your throat.

That’s all I have for now, but check back later. Maybe my next post will be about the insurance lawyer who made my life a living hell for a week or maybe I will explain what accident forgiveness really is. You never know, what you should know is I tell it how it is and wont pull any punches. Thanks for reading!

Colby Barrows