Buyer Beware - Purchasing Insurance Online... Trick or Treat?


Happy Halloween everyone, I love this time of year! Don’t listen to anyone that says “you are too old for Halloween”. If you think dressing up for Halloween at the age of 31 is wrong, then I don’t want to be right, I think Luther Ingram said that. [tap on the shoulder, he said if loving you is wrong] well whatever you know what I mean! My wife and I are going to be a hot couple (per usual) but this time we get to be…wait for it

Hot Right!?! That is Ragnar and Lagitha from Vikings on History, great show…Where are you going with this Colby? Don’t rush me I am staring at Ragnar..>Wait What?

OK on to the real reason I started this blog, thanks for putting up with my…I mean look at him just evokes power…[ok, youre creeping me out] I received an email from the MAIA, (Massachusetts Associations of Insurance Agents) they send weekly updates of what is going on in the state, a newsletter of sorts. This particular email had to deal with a lawsuit that is currenly pending in Massachusetts

Last week, the U.S. District Court, District Court of Massachusetts handed down a

Memorandum and Order on Motions for Summary Judgment made by Progressive

Direct Insurance Company in lawsuits brought by Wanda Estrada, Walter Estrada,

J.E., Natalie Estrada, Carmen Badillo, and Jose Burgos, individually and on behalf of

all other persons similarly situated, alleging unfair and deceptive practices in the

online sale of automobile insurance policies. The plaintiffs purchased automobile

insurance from Progressive Direct Insurance Company and claim they were denied

personal injury protection (PIP) benefits after they were involved in automobile

accidents because they purchased insurance policies with an $8,000 PIP

deductible. The plaintiffs brought suit against Progressive, contending that they

only purchased policies with a deductible because of Progressive‘s unfair and

deceptive practices. The complaint alleges violations of M.G.L. c. 93A, 176D, and

175. If you want to read the whole Lawsuit here is the link

This post is not about bashing Progressive (we sell Progressive they are a great company), this is about buying something online when you haven’t done your research or asked a professional. Why would you buy something online if you don’t know everything about it? Especially something as important as Insurance (of any kind). In this particular case they purchased the insurance online, the PIP coverage had a limit of $8000 with a  deductible of $8000. That coverage probably cost $13, (trick or treat?) Its a trick because they didn’t have any coverage for the $13 they spent! Here is the full definition of PIP coverage (starts on page five)

If you are buying online to save money, you will lose service. Never sacrifice one for the other. Call me or call another local agent, we are trained to make sure you are getting the right coverage at the right price. Now if you will excuse me I have to go make my costume. Sing it Luther!

Author: Colby Barrows