10 Homeowners Insurance Tips

Here are 10 tips for what to look for in homeowners insurance 

Trust- use a company that you can trust and has a reputation for genuinely caring about their clients.

Social proof- compare and rate companies based on their ability to satisfy the needs of their customers.

Home location- factors such as crime rate and home location could impact how much you spend on homeowners insurance.

Discounts- installing security systems could increase your chances of receiving a discount.

Use one company- when you use one company for all of your insurance needs, you often are discounted as a valued customer.

Replacement costs- your house should be insured based on its replacement cost rather than its market value.

Deductible costs- based on personal preferences, weigh the pros and cons for choosing a higher or lower deductible.

Know your home- know the history of the home and any previous damages, such as fires and water damage.

Insure home upgrades- insure your home improvements in order to receive an accurate quote.

Know your coverage- be mindful of what is and isn’t covered, and ask your insurer if you have any questions.