Lawn Care Business Insurance - Choosing An Agency


How much could you be saving on your insurance? Most lawn care businesses aren’t comparing their insurance policies as often as they should be. Lawn care business insurance has very specific coverage needs, and without the right types of insurance, you could easily be paying too much or not getting the types of coverage that you need. Here are some things you should consider when choosing an insurance agency.

Does the Agency Have Other Lawn Care Companies?

Do they offer custom tailored packages for others in the lawn care business? Or are they simply going to give you generic business insurance? The more specialized an agency is in providing insurance for a lawn care company, the more likely you are to get better service and better coverage.

Different industries require different levels of insurance. As a lawn care company, you have different coverage needs and policy details that impact your business. Insurance companies that do specialize in lawn care may even have specific plans that have been created for your needs and the ability to further fine tune them to match your insurance needs.

When making claims, a company that already deals with lawn care companies will understand your claims better and get you the help that you need. Companies that do not understand the lawn care business may have more questions about the equipment you use, your employees, and your general work operations.

What Additional Services Do They Offer?

Lawn care business insurance isn’t just about the insurance package. After all, auto insurance comes with roadside assistance, and many homeowner’s insurance policies cover emergency hotel stays. Ask your insurance company what added value they offer. These additional services are what may help you decide between similar insurance agencies.

Are There Flexible Billing Options?

As a lawn care business, you’re likely not doing business throughout the year. Instead, you’re probably doing a great deal of seasonal work. You may not want to be paying high premiums during your off time. Seasonal billing options, payment plans, and other flexible billing can help you maintain positive cash flow throughout the year, rather than having to plan for extra expenditures during off seasons.

How Many Agents Will I Work With?

Ideally, you want to have a major point-of-contact with your agency; someone who deeply understands your company and your needs. But you also want to know that there’s someone else to handle your work if that agent becomes ill, takes a vacation, or is simply burdened with other work. Look at how many agents the agency has and ask questions about who you’ll be working directly with. Often, when you have an insurance question or a claim to process, it’s an urgent situation.

How Hands-On Are the Agents?

What is the scope of the work they’re providing? Are they simply going to send you a billing statement every month and wait for you to make a claim? Or will they be able to help you manage your insurance-related needs, conduct annual reviews, and make adjustments to your coverage as you grow your lawn care business?

Though nearly any insurance company can insure a lawn care business, not all insurance companies are going to be able to deliver the services, coverage, and pricing that a lawn care company needs. When choosing an agency, it’s worth it to do a little research and ask the above questions.