8 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Winter Weather


Is the winter weather getting you down? If your home seems to be just a little colder than it should be (or you keep constantly hearing your furnace kick on), you might need to do some extra maintenance. Here’s a quick check list you can use to improve insulation and the effectiveness of your heating.

1. Check Drafts Around Outlets

Outlets, panel covers, and other inset wall fixtures can sometimes be drafty. Cold air can circulate inside of your walls and end up coming out of these areas, ruining the effectiveness of your insulation. Take a caulking gun and seal the areas around your outlets.

2. Replace Your Weather Stripping

Weather stripping isn’t meant to last forever. In fact, most weather stripping is going to have to be replaced every few years. Take out your old weather stripping around your doors and replace it with brand new, energy efficient weather stripping. Consider also checking for gaps beneath doors that could impact your insulation.

3. Caulk Any Holes in Walls

Walk around the exterior of your home and see if there are any holes that need to be caulked. Like weather stripping, caulk does eventually wear down and wear away. Caulking is frequently going to appear around outside pipes, windows, and so forth — and you may see that it has degraded. Use exterior caulk in these areas. You can also find paintable caulk if you would like to match the color of your home.

4. Close Up Your Chimney

If you have a chimney, remember to get it cleaned out (for safety) and then keep it shut when it’s not in  use. Chimneys can lose a lot of warm air, as they are designed to vent air to the surface (and because hot air rises). Just make sure you also have a monitoring system to make sure that you can detect any potentially dangerous air issues.

5. Get Your Furnace Checked

It’s a good idea to get your furnace checked every year to make sure it’s still safe and functioning. A professional will also be able to run basic maintenance on your furnace, which will help it last even longer. Furnaces generally last anywhere from 15 to 25 years, so if your furnace is getting older, you may also want to think about replacement.

7. Seal Up Your Ducts

Does your home’s heater have less “oomph” now? It could be that the heater is working just as well but there are issues with your ducts. Over time, ducts can degrade and leaks can emerge. Further, ducts can be disrupted by pests, such as squirrels in your attic. Get a full duct cleaning and have your ducts sealed up; you’ll often save money in your energy bills as well as improving the comfort of your home.

8. Buy a Roof Rake

A roof rake is an easy way to ensure that your roof is clear — and that’s important. Without a roof rake, you could end up storing a dangerous amount of snow and debris on your roof. Eventually that could cause your roof to leak… or even begin to crack. Buying a roof rake is an easy way to maintain your roof without a lot of effort on your part, and it can ensure that your gutters remain clean as well. Roof rakes also reduce your liability, because otherwise things could easily fall on visitors and cause an injury.

By being proactive about your home’s maintenance, you can not only make it more comfortable but also reduce your energy bills! You can also reduce your potential risk, as there’s less likelihood that people could be injured on your property.

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Should anything happen due to winter weather that causes your home to need repairs, don’t hesitate to reach out to our trusted partners on our Community Page.