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7 Types of Auto Insurance Coverage

5 Must-Know Tips For Purchasing Homeowners Insurance

Purchasing homeowners insurance can be a real challenge, especially for new home buyers.  So, here are our 5 tips for understanding what type of homeowners insurance fits your needs.

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Accident Forgiveness

Everyone has heard the commercials — Accident Forgiveness is a hot topic. Here is a great explanation of how it works:

Steering Clear of Car Insurance Scams

Steering Clear of Car Insurance Scams

Read Your Insurance Definitions Regarding Snow Damage

Read Your Insurance Definitions to Know When Snow Damage is Covered

Holiday Hazards: How to Avoid Insurance

Holiday Hazards: How to Avoid Insurance Claims

Buyer Beware — Purchasing Insurance Online… Trick or Treat?

Happy Halloween everyone, I love this time of year! Don’t listen to anyone that says “you are too old for Halloween”. If you think dressing up for Halloween at the age of 31 is wrong, then I don’t want to be right, I think Luther Ingram said that. [tap on the shoulder, he said if loving you is wrong] well whatever you know what I mean! My wife and I are going to be a hot couple (per usual) but this time we get to be…wait for it Continue reading

Welcome to My Blog — First and Last Propaganda Piece

Thanks for stopping by my blog. My name is Colby Barrows, I work for Barrows Insurance Agency in Mansfield MA. The business was started by my Grandmother Janice Barrows over 30 years ago. She started the business out of her home with the simple concept of – Providing customers the insurance coverage they needed while giving them the service they wanted.   We provide insurance coverage for anything from daily commuter cars to exotic collectables, starter homes to mansions, lemonade stands to corporations. We have a rate for anything you wish to insure, well almost anything. With that being said, I need to say, I didn’t create this blog to sell you anything. I created this blog to teach you about the insurance industry from the perspective of an agent. Continue reading

Welcome to the Barrows Insurance Agency Blog

Welcome to the Barrows Insurance Agency Blog.  As we get running with this, we will be providing useful insurance related content to our customers and our community.

Stay tuned!

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