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Lawn Care Business Insurance – Choosing An Agency

How much could you be saving on your insurance? Most lawn care businesses aren’t comparing their insurance policies as often as they should be. Lawn care business insurance has very specific coverage needs, and without the right types of insurance, you could easily be paying too much or not getting the types of coverage that you need. Here are some things you should consider when choosing an insurance agency. Continue reading

Workplace Fire Hazards & How to Avoid Them

The U.S. Fire Administration reports that there were 1,345,500 fires throughout 2015, totaling 15,700 in injuries and a monetary loss of $14.3 billion. According to the Small Business Administration, as many as 30 percent of businesses that suffer a major disaster do not reopen afterwards. But how can you ensure that your business and your employees are safe from workplace fire hazards? Continue reading

Massachusetts Renters Insurance 101

Is your property covered? Renting is an excellent choice for those who want to remain mobile or simply don’t want to purchase a home. But without Massachusetts renters insurance, an individual’s property could potentially be at risk. There are some things that renters should be aware of, both regarding their personal property and their rights. Here are a few highlights of what a renter should know. Continue reading

How to Inventory Your Home – Learn to prove your assets in the case of a claim

After a fire, flood, or windstorm, how does your insurance company know how much to reimburse you? Apart from the appraised value of your home, your insurance company will use your list of assets. A detailed inventory of your home will be needed, in addition to documentation regarding how much that item cost. If you don’t inventory your home, you may find yourself being reimbursed for far less than you are actually owed. Continue reading

Independent Contractor Insurance (what you need to know)

Being an independent contractor certainly has its perks: determining your own projects and hours, choosing your own pay scale and not having to answer to a corporation or company that doesn’t seem to care so much about the individual worker. That said, sometimes there are downsides to being independent. For example, it can be a lot easier for disgruntled clients to sue you, and the damages can be far more costly without a larger company backing you up. Here’s what you need to know about independent contractor insuranceContinue reading

When Was the Last Time You Tested Your Smoke Alarms?

Have you tested your smoke alarms recently? If you haven’t, it’s possible that you, your family, and your possessions could be at risk. Smoke alarms are only useful if they actually work, and many smoke alarms could either be malfunctioning or completely dead. To avoid unnecessary risks, you need to test your smoke alarm at least once every year — and ideally once every six months.  Continue reading

8 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Winter Weather

Is the winter weather getting you down? If your home seems to be just a little colder than it should be (or you keep constantly hearing your furnace kick on), you might need to do some extra maintenance. Here’s a quick check list you can use to improve insulation and the effectiveness of your heating. Continue reading

Why Business Auto Insurance Is Important

Earlier this year Concord Group Insurance announced their affiliation with Auto-Owner Insurance Group, a well rated mutual insurance company that exclusively works through independent agents. The reason for the collaboration between the two companies is to better serve their customers. Combining the two groups efforts will increase their financial security as well as reach and effectively deliver quality insurance coverage to a wider range of customers. Not to mention mark the beginning of their new business auto insurance line! Continue reading

What To Do After A Car Accident

Have you ever wondered what you should do after a car accident? Check out this infographic! Continue reading

Why Use Independent Insurance Agents?

When you’re looking for insurance, you have two major options. You can get insurance from multiple companies on your own or go to an independent, third-party agent or agency. While each of these options may have their own pros and cons, independent insurance agents (or an agency) is usually the best choice. Continue reading

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